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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Drs. Giunta, Orth and Sapin have expanded their clinical services to include remote assessments via telehealth.


  • an initial phone call to discuss the risks and benefits of evaluation via telehealth and to determine if this format meets your needs; 
  • use of real-time interactive audio and visual connection. We utilize a secure, encrypted, HIPPA-compliant telehealth platform via Zoom or Google Meet;
  • For Psychoeducational Evaluations, Dr. Orth may conduct interviews and administer questionnaires and tests via telehealth. A portion of the evaluation may still be conducted in person when tests cannot readily be administered remotely and/or do not have research support for remote administration. Click here to read about the precautions we are taking for in person evaluations during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • For Neuropsychological Evaluations, Dr. Giunta and Dr. Sapin are conducting remote consultations as well as remote evaluations consisting of an interview and neuropsychological testing. There is strong research support for the use of telehealth for the assessment of dementia.


  • a laptop or desktop computer equipped with a webcam;
  • a secure internet connection rather than public/free Wi-Fi;
  • a quiet, private space that is free of distractions.
  • If needed, we will arrange for a third party (e.g. caregiver or family member) to set up the technology on your end to facilitate the remote assessment. Once the session is underway, the third party will not be in hearing or visual proximity to you or your electronic device, to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

We are happy to conduct a free consultation to determine if an evaluation via telehealth is right for your situation. 


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