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Dr. Giunta and Dr. Orth have a particular interest in conducting personality assessments, which are evaluations of how an individual is functioning psychologically (for example, in what way has trauma affected an individual? or what specific treatment needs should be addressed in therapy?).

Personality assessments are typically done at the request of a therapist as an adjunct to therapy.

Our goal is to provide clients and their therapists with the information they need to better understand what factors are important to address in therapy, and to empower clients to see themselves clearly and with compassion.

At all times, our personality assessments take cultural and social factors into account, and our reports and feedback are specifically tailored to present findings to both individuals and their therapists in an accessible, understandable format.


  • when a therapist is looking for an outside perspective on factors affecting therapy.
  • to determine whether psychological factors are impacting school performance.

Personality Assessment

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