Dr. Carole T. Giunta

Throughout her training and professional life, Dr. Giunta has had a strong interest in psychological assessment. It is her commitment to making psychological assessment results accessible and useful which guides the philosophy of this practice.

Throughout her professional career, Dr. Giunta has been retained frequently as an expert to conduct forensic evaluations to shed light on mental health issues as they relate to a broad range of legal questions. Dr. Giunta has consulted on several hundred civil and criminal matters in state and federal courts and frequently provides expert testimony.

Since graduate school, Dr. Giunta has devoted a considerable portion of her professional time to conducting neuropsychological evaluations, particularly with the elderly, both in private practice and through nursing home consultations. She enjoys working collaboratively with geriatricians, geriatric care managers and other professionals to ensure that conditions of late life are adequately understood and managed.

Dr. Giunta’s interest in educational evaluation is a natural outgrowth of her concentration in psychological testing and assessment. For more than fifteen years, she has conducted and/or supervised psychoeducational evaluations.

Training: Dr. Giunta’s graduate training included concentrations in assessment and neuropsychology, geriatrics and forensic psychology. She trained in a broad range of settings, including a college counseling center, a state psychiatric hospital, a medical teaching hospital, and an outpatient clinic. She completed a pre-doctoral internship at the San Francisco VA Medical Center where her training focused on psychological assessment, the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder as well as inpatient treatment of substance abuse.

Experience: After completing her Ph.D., Dr. Giunta worked as a staff psychologist at John Howard Pavilion, the maximum security inpatient forensic hospital at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC. Her work in that setting focused primarily on pre-release assessments and neuropsychological evaluations as well as competency and criminal responsibility evaluations. Since leaving St Elizabeths, Dr. Giunta has devoted a great deal of her professional time to criminal as well as civil forensic evaluations.

Concurrently, Dr. Giunta worked in private practice under the supervision of Dr. Christine Courtois. In that setting, Dr. Giunta specialized in the treatment of psychological trauma and post abuse sequelae, including complex post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative identity disorder.

Since 1995, Dr. Giunta has been in full-time private practice specializing in assessment and consultation. Her practice focuses on forensic, neuropsychological, and educational evaluations.

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Academic Credentials

  • Licensed Psychologist in Maryland, District of Columbia & West Virginia
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Virginia
  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Vermont
  • Predoctoral Internship, San Francisco VA Medical Center
  • B.S., Psychology, University of Washington