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  • is having difficulty with attention, maintaining motivation, or working consistently.
  • is having difficulty with reading or other academic skills.
  • is not progressing in school or at work as expected.
  • is seeking information about their learning style.
  • is considering a new school placement or seeking educational resources.

Psychoeducational Evaluation

Giunta & Associates

Our hallmarks:

As a group, we share an interest in learning and attention problems in people of all ages. We are committed to providing thorough and useful evaluations with a short turnaround time. Our results are provided in an understandable and useful format to the client, family, and involved professionals. For each evaluation, we provide a thorough portrait of a client’s educational strengths and weaknesses, with an emphasis on appropriate recommendations for accommodations and resources. We also provide school consultation and advocacy as needed.

The evaluation process consists of:

  • an in-depth interview to obtain background information and understand the area of concern.
  • two testing sessions (approximately 4 hours each).
  • a feedback session approximately 2 weeks later. Results and recommendations are shared and the formal report is provided.

Specific recommendations may include:

  • accommodations, with justification.
  • tutoring or other interventions (for example, occupational therapy, medical consultation, coaching, etc.).
  • other resources for improving school and/or work experience.

We are happy to provide consultation to determine whether a psychoeducational evaluation would be helpful in your particular situation. We provide psychoeducational evaluations in the Washington, DC region. Please contact us with your questions.

Flexible scheduling is available including weekend appointments.