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Academic Credentials

  • Licensed Psychologist in Maryland 
  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, George Washington University 
  • M.A., Psychology, Hunter College 
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuropsychology, Beth Israel Medical Center 
  • Listed in National Register of Health Service Psychologists


Dr. Linda R. Sapin

Dr. Sapin has been in practice since 1986, specializing in neuropsychological assessment to assist with diagnosis and treatment of adults with neurodegenerative conditions, stroke, multiple sclerosis, head injury and other neurological and medical disorders. She consults to neurologists, primary care physicians, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, geriatric care managers and other medical professionals in the Metropolitan D.C. area. 

She utilizes neuropsychological evaluation results to help diagnose neurological, medical and benign conditions which affect cognitive functioning or “thinking skills”. These findings can also assist with identifying cognitive changes that may be associated with medical interventions such as cardiac surgery, organ transplant, medications and chemotherapy. This information is used to help patients, their families and care providers better understand the source of cognitive challenges or change and to stage progressive conditions. Results are shared with patients and their families, with guidance and resources provided to help them utilize strategies for cognitive support. 

Dr. Sapin shares with Giunta & Associates a commitment to partner with patients and provide practical and helpful feedback about their evaluations. She is happy to consult with patients prior to examination to answer any questions about the procedure and review any concerns they may have about their thinking skills. Following testing, Dr. Sapin can provide consultation to update management strategies and provide guidance and referrals for caregiver support.

Dr. Sapin has a special interest in differential diagnosis, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative disorders, mild cognitive impairment, dementia and dementia staging. She is a member of the American Psychological Association (Division 40: Society of Clinical Neuropsychology) and is listed in the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. 

She offers telehealth services, neuropsychological testing and neuropsychological consultation.

Training: Dr. Linda Sapin’s graduate and post-graduate training was completed in medical teaching hospitals (in their neurology, general medical and psychiatric units), psychiatric hospitals, and outpatient neuropsychology clinics. Training encompassed neuropsychological evaluation (ranging from children through elderly populations), experimental psychology (with focus on linguistic processing), psychiatric disorders, medical and neurologic conditions affecting mood and cognition, eating disorders and their medical, cognitive and psychological consequences and forensic evaluation. Her post-doctoral training focused on neurodiagnostic assessment. 

Experience: Dr. Sapin has practiced neuropsychology since 1986 before which she was a research psychologist at National Institute of Mental Health for 2 years. In 1987 she founded the neuropsychology department at The Neurology Center, which she directed for 32 years. She has also served as a consulting neuropsychologist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Dominion Hospital and Maryland’s Division of Rehabilitation Services, and was a visiting psychologist at Atkinson Morley’s and St. George’s Hospitals in London, England. She has published papers in professional journals and newsletters, presented at professional conferences, lectured and provided in-service training on aphasia, non-alcoholic Korsakoff syndrome, Pick’s disease, Binswanger’s disease and other dementias, cognitive issues in affective illness, memory assessment, memory disorders, cognitive challenges in multiple sclerosis, psycho-diagnostic testing, attention disorders, and vocational assessment.

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