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Dr. Giunta and Dr. Sapin evaluate known or suspected neurological conditions such as head injury, dementia, stroke and multiple sclerosis, typically at the request of a neurologist, internist or other professional. A neuropsychological assessment is conducted to elucidate strengths and weaknesses in cognitive functioning and, where possible, to help diagnose the presence and severity of neurological conditions. A neuropsychological evaluation can also be helpful in understanding the after-effects of heart disease and certain neurological illnesses.

A neuropsychological evaluation assesses language, memory, visuospatial skills, concentration, thinking speed, problem-solving, mood and attention to highlight strengths and challenges, and better understand the source of any cognitive difficulties and their impact on daily living activities. Results are shared with patients and their families, with guidance and resources provided to help them utilize strategies for cognitive support.

The evaluation consists of several short tasks which are individually tailored to meet each patient’s needs. Some of these tasks are paper-and-pencil tests and questionnaires; others are more like games or puzzles. Many patients find them fun and challenging. 

Dr. Sapin also provides neuropsychological consultation services to patients who may or may not need testing. This could include: 

  • concerns about memory or other cognitive functions
  • interest in lifestyle strategies for maximizing thinking skills 
  • understanding the cognitive impact of a neurological or medical condition
  • support for family members or caregivers seeking assistance managing a loved one’s cognitive challenges

Dr. Giunta has particular interest and expertise in geriatric neuropsychology. Geriatric evaluations are aimed at helping family members plan the best course of care for their family member in late life.

Dr. Sapin has a special interest in differential diagnosis, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative disorders, mild cognitive impairment, dementia and dementia staging. She also utilizes neuropsychological examination results to help patients, their families and health providers identify, manage and better understand normal or reversable cognitive change associated with aging, stress and sleep disorders.

Neuropsychological Evaluation

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