Dr. James E. Orth

Since obtaining his doctorate in 1986, Dr. Orth has enjoyed a long career focused primarily upon delivery of psychological services to children and adolescents and their families. His professional interests and activities have been diverse, as have been the backgrounds of the children and adolescents served, which have ranged from very rural to urban. He has particular interest in patterns of attachment as manifested throughout development, and in the impact of sensory processing and other areas of self-regulation upon the developing child’s abilities to learn, to manage emotions, and to establish and maintain relationships with others.

Dr. Orth shares with Giunta & Associates a commitment to high-quality, comprehensive psychological assessments that provide meaningful and useful information for families and others concerned with the child’s well-being. Psychological testing is provided with aims of clarifying diagnoses, identifying strengths and supports, and developing recommendations for treatment and for enhancing development. Dr. Orth draws upon many years of experience evaluating children and adolescents with complex presentations, many of whom have received multiple evaluations and treatment efforts yet continue to have major difficulties functioning in different areas of their lives.

At Giunta and Associates, Dr. Orth conducts psychoeducational and psychological evaluations in our Silver Spring office. He specializes in psychological assessment of children, adolescents and young adults, including diagnosis of ADHD and executive skills challenges, learning differences, social difficulties, and anxiety, mood, and behavior problems.

Training: Dr. Orth’s graduate training focused upon psychological assessment, developmental theories, psychoanalysis, and family systems. He researched doctor-patient interactions and the process of psychotherapy supervision. His clinical training encompassed a wide range of settings including inpatient private and public psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics, a student counseling program, and a specialized brief therapy and emergency room consultation program. Post-doctoral training included completion of a two-year infancy and early childhood mental health program at the Washington School of Psychiatry.

Experience: Highlights include 18 years of work in a hospital-based program for adolescents at the Finan Center, with extensive involvement in the completion of evaluations for courts and agencies. Another highlight has been a 12-year affiliation providing in-home assessment and treatment of infants and toddlers and staff training for a program serving two counties in Pennsylvania. Additional professional services have included outpatient and child assessment and therapy for both public and private programs, services for autism specialty programs in Pennsylvania, and undergraduate teaching of psychology courses at Allegany College. Dr. Orth has published professional journal articles regarding early childhood attachment, psychotherapy techniques, and physician-patient relationships.

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Academic Credentials

  • Licensed Psychologist in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio & Pennsylvania

  • Board Certified, Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology

  • Listed in National Register of Health Service Psychologists

  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Miami University

  • B.A. Summa Cum Laude, Psychology & Sociology, Edgecliff College

Dr. James E. Orth

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