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Welcome! We are a group of psychologists in the Washington DC area who are dedicated to providing high quality psychological evaluation services in a comfortable residential setting that is reassuring for clients of all ages. 

Psychological evaluations can help answer questions ranging from the educational and social-emotional needs of young children to the capacities and support needs of aging loved ones. Giunta and Associates provides a range of evaluations that are individualized to answer the questions you and your referring practitioner have. We offer:

Dr. Orth
Dr. Giunta
Dr. Sapin

Dr. Giunta



Meet Our Team:

Our flexibility allows us to provide services across a broad range of settings, including:

  • in-office evaluations,
  • home visits and assessments in care facilities for seniors, and
  • (new!) remote assessments with video conferencing for clients unable to be seen in person.

We emphasize a direct working relationship with the psychologist through every step of the evaluation process, offering reports that are accessible and useful, timely provision of feedback, caregiver support and assistance with referrals as well as follow-up consultation.

Because our practice and setting are small, clients are brought into their appointments promptly without the experience of busy waiting rooms. Our fully accessible offices have private parking, just feet from the entrance.