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​​​​​​​​Dr. Orth specializes in the delivery of psychological services to children and adolescents and their families. Through his affiliation with our practice, he conducts comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations and personality assessments with adolescents at The Greenbrier Academy for Girls in Pence Springs, West Virginia. Additionally, Dr. Orth is available to conduct psychoeducational evaluations in our Silver Spring office. In crafting thorough and useful evaluations, Dr. Orth draws upon many years of experience evaluating children and adolescents with complex presentations.

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​​Dr. Giunta specializes in psychological assessment and consultation, including as a forensic psychologist in the Washington, DC region. She has considerable expertise in the use of evaluation techniques to more fully understand an individual’s functioning. She consults to attorneys, physicians and other professionals to help understand and assist their clients; in so doing, she uses her expertise in psychological assessment to help address legal questions, to clarify cognitive or personality functioning, to diagnose behavior and brain disorders and to elucidate educational strengths and weaknesses. In 2003, Dr. Giunta was pleased to expand her practice to include associates whose areas of interest and expertise dovetail nicely with her own.

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