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Dr. Giunta and Dr. Orth are pleased to provide students at Greenbrier Academy in Pence Springs, West Virginia with assessment services.

Three types of assessments are offered:

  • Personality and Emotional Assessment: This is an evaluation of the psychological functioning of a student. The goal is to provide students, their families, and members of the treatment team with the information they need to see the students’ strengths and vulnerabilities clearly, and to identify what factors are important to address in continued treatment. Recommendations include specific treatment approaches that will address the continuing psychological and emotional concerns. A personality and emotional assessment provides detailed information regarding a student’s self-concept, interpersonal skills, stress management resources, behavior problems, substance abuse, emotional functioning and differential diagnosis.

  • Psychoeducational Assessment: This is an evaluation of how a student is functioning cognitively and academically. The goal is to provide students, their families, and members of the treatment team with a current picture of the student’s learning style, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and/or the existence of any learning problems. A psychoeducational assessment can also provide information on how effective previous interventions have been in addressing learning difficulties. Recommendations may include accommodations, methods of addressing any learning differences, and ways to help the student engage more productively and pleasurably with academic pursuits.

  • Combined Personality Assessment and Psychoeducational Assessment: This is an evaluation of psychological, cognitive, and academic functioning, encompassing the goals described for the two assessments above. The benefit of conducting all such testing at one time is that the relative contributions of psychological and educational concerns can be examined, particularly for students who have disengaged from academic pursuits in the past.

Testing Specifics

Testing is conducted on weekends, by appointment, on the campus of Greenbrier Academy. Feedback from testing, along with the written report, will be provided approximately two weeks after testing is completed.

Scheduling an Assessment

For further information about our Greenbrier assessment services, or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Giunta at (301) 565-0093 or drgiunta@giunta-associates.com

Greenbrier Assessment Services

An assessment may be useful when:

  • the reasons for prior academic difficulties require clarification.
  • diagnostic issues require clarification.
  • prior testing was conducted while the student was abusing substances.
  • updated testing is required.
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